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High Impact Solutions for your Business

PEOple Premier saves you time and money and gives you access to high quality Human Resources functions that are not generally available to small to mid-sized businesses. With over 70 years of experience in the HR industry, our services enable you to run, grow, and gain the Premier business advantage. Not every business is created equal, which is why we provide an a-la-carte-style menu of services which allows you to pick from a wide array of administrative and human resource functions to fit your unique needs.


PEOple Premier offers full service payroll processing.  We guarantee your employees are paid on time.

Human Resources

Consulting, Guidance, Handbooks, Forms, Training, Discipline, Investigations and Audits

Full Service Recruiting

We identify optimal candidates for your business through our rigorous screening process.


Strengthen your business and prevent unnecessary civil and legal exposure.
Many businesses don’t realize that employee payroll and tax services can be simplified and streamlined with the right partner. PEOple Premier’s experienced staff utilizes the latest technology to administer your payroll. You can rely upon accuracy and quick turn-around with the added flexibility to submit and review your payroll information securely online. Employees can use the web review their hours, pay stubs, and W-4 information. Combined with our Time and Attendance offering, you can easily manage every aspect of your employees’ HR, payroll, and benefits-entirely online. 
Managing Human Resources probably isn’t why you started your business. It’s time-consuming and a daunting task. Not only is it labor intensive and stressful, but it can create avoidable risk. Let PEOple Premier remove the headaches often associated with human resource management. PEOple Premier offers many HRM services, including:

  • Consulting and Guidance
  • Handbook and Policies
  • Posters and Forms
  • Training Seminars and Employee Coaching
  • Assistance with Audits, Investigations, and Administrative Proceedings
  • Disciplinary Actions
Your company depends on having the best employees, and this starts with recruiting only the finest candidates. Let our recruiting division locate and provide the optimum applicants available, all at a lower cost. Through a rigorous screening process, we identify the best suited employees for placement-saving time, and avoiding additional burden on other employees within your business. We also offer background checks and drug screening for added confidence, and to meet legal/regulatory requirements.
Workers’ compensation compliance requires time and expertise to be managed properly. Often employers are unaware of the risks of misclassifying employees, or not selecting the appropriate coverage. At PEOple Premier our network provides a variety of workers’ compensation solutions to match your specific business needs and exposure. Working across a network with multiple providers will ensure you are getting the best rates possible for your business. While gaining the expertise from our staff to ensure that avoidable risks are mitigated.

  • Administrate Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Employees
  • Assist with Workers’ Compensation Audits upon request
  • Process Workers’ Compensation Certificates
  • Coordinate Claims Management and Reporting
  • Assist with the Investigation of Fraudulent Claims
Labor and employment compliance doesn’t have to be a mystery. As a business owner, you may need help understanding Federal and State laws and regulations that pertain to your company. Let us assist with understanding and complying with Federal and State requirements. Compliance assistance can strengthen your business and prevent unnecessary civil and legal exposure. We provide expert information on labor matters that affect your business.

  • Assistance with Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Assistance with federal, state, and local compliance
  • Guidance with handling difficult employee matters (e.g. discipline and termination issues)
  • Assistance with I-9 Compliance
  • Strategic HR guidance
  • Policy and Handbook drafting and review
  • Training seminars (depending on service model)
  • Assistance with agency audits, investigations, and administrative proceedings

Benefits Administration

Providing benefits will help attract and retain quality employees. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult and expensive to tackle on your own. With the changes mandated by the Affordable Care Act, now more than ever, you need a partner that can provide and manage your employee benefits without breaking your bottom line.

PEOple Premier, through our preferred relationship and buying power with benefit vendors, will allow your company to extend comprehensive voluntary and company-provided benefit choices to your employees at competitive rates. We fully administer benefits form eligibility to open enrollment to life changing events and the associated documentation; giving you freedom to concentrate on revenue-generating activities.

We provide full live telephone support to answer any questions and assist your employees in resolving any issues.


Benefits Solutions

PEOple Premier offers a wide range of employee benefit plans through our strategic partners.

  • Major Medical with Prescription Coverage
  • Dental
  • Term Life
  • Critical Illness
  • Guaranteed Acceptance Health
  • Accident


Want to extend retirement savings to your employees? PEOple Premier can do this for you with many options for matched and unmatched 401(K) plans.


Benefit Coordination

Coordinating benefits for employees can be messy and complicated. Keeping track of who’s eligible and when, when elections have to be completed, running an open-enrollment, answering employee questions, dealing with carriers, can all cause a lot of headaches.

PEOple Premier has been working with our clients for over a decade and we can help your business keep benefit management under control.

Risk Management has historically been a very low priority for small to medium-sized businesses. Risk can be elusive and difficult to identify, and very costly if not addressed properly. Recent trends suggest a dramatic shift in attention, especially with the Affordable Care Act, which includes a number of provisions that increase the HR liability that businesses face.

PEOple Premier is experiences in helping our clients identify and reduce the risks inherent in managing their Human Resources. We are proactive and stay abreast of the latest changes that may bring added exposure to your business. Don’t want until you’re faced with fines and civil proceeding before taking a closer look at your HR risks.

Tired of managing your employees the old-fashioned way? Wouldn’t it be great to have all the information for your employees at your fingertips in an easy-to-use web-based solution? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could give employees self-service for common HR functions?

PEOple Premier has the answer. We offer a Human Resource Management (HRM) solution to our clients that is web-based so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, right from the internet, offering your business convenience and ease-of-use.

The HRM solution is fully integrated and modular. We can tailor your solution with the features you need now and in the future. All of the data is real-time– know what’s happening when it happens! There’s even a mobile app that allows you and your employees access to information on the go.

Here are just a few of the many features:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Time & Attendance
  • HR
  • Labor Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
Did you know that you can qualify for a credit on your workers’ compensation premium by administering a drug free workplace? Do you want to ensure the information being provided to you by an applicant is in fact correct? Proper screening before hire and post-employment follow-up helps to protect your business by avoiding misrepresentation that may occur during the hiring process. Exercising diligence early helps save your investment in time and money during, and well after the hiring process.

We offer the following services:

-Pre-employment Testing (Personality Index, Cognitive Skills)

-Drug Screening

-Criminal Background Checks

-Credit Checks

-DOT and DMV Checks

-Credential and Education Checks

-Reference Checks

-Social Security Validation

Making a Real Impact and Improving your Bottom Line.

We have contributed to success and growth of businesses in a wide range of industries and on a global level. We are licensed to operate in FL, MI, NC, SC and the US Virgin Islands. With experience serving companies in healthcare, IT, hospitality and tourism, and construction, just to name a few–there is no business that we cannot help.

Industries we Serve

Experience providing over 30 years of administrative….
Financial Services
Experience providing over 30 years of administrative….
Experience providing over 30 years of administrative….
Experience providing over 30 years of administrative….
Experience providing over 30 years of administrative….
Information Technology
Experience providing over 30 years of administrative….
Business Management
Experience providing over 30 years of administrative….
and More
  • Medical Private Practice
  • Medical Groups
  • Dental Offices
  • Medical Clinics
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Managed Services Organization
  • Real Estate Development
  • Third Party Administration
  • Call Centers
  • Claims Processing
  • Fulfillment Center
  • Property Management
  • State Programs
  • Dance Retail/Activewear
  • Marinas
  • Truck Sales
  • Taxi Services
  • Nursery/Landscaping
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Animal Grooming Services

A Company with Values

PEOple Premier’s mission is to provide client companies with an integrated and cost effective solution to human resource management. Through our innovative product and service offerings, we are the total solution for your Payroll and Human Resource needs. PEOple Premier is staffed with certified professionals who average over 70 years in the Payroll and Human Resource industries.

Exceptional Service, Great People, Excellent Returns, and Reliability– are all just some of our values and you can rest assured that our same values are what drive us to successfully providing our clients with the best service possible.

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A Leader In The Industry

We are a leader in the PEO/ASO industry and have built the infrastructure and expert staff to provide a full range of services. By leaving the administrative headaches with PEOple Premier we help businesses focus on operations and generating revenues. We love what we do, and we want our partners to be able to do the same.

 Satisfied Customers

People Premier handles all of our HR functions from recruiting to payroll, and everything in between. Services are delivered professionally, timely and accurately.  The leadership is proven and responsive, allowing me to focus on building the business..” Lane Kent

President, SGIC Insurance

“PEOple Premier is an organization that has the Human Resource function down to a science.  As a client of PEOple Premier, I can attest to the fact that they have a solution for every issue, they are all-inclusive or ala carte in regards to what they provide, they can make any business owner’s life (no matter how big or small the business is) a lot simpler and will free up much needed extra working hours in the day.   I would recommend PEOple Premier for any or all parts of your Human Resources related needs, including full Recruiting Services.” Shane Crawford

Vice President of Development, The Premier Family of Companies

“As Executive VP of Finance of a Family of Companies, I have been a client of People Premier, Inc, for the past 5 years, but the Family of Companies has been with People Premier for over 17 years. The staff is highly trained in a wide variety of areas including assessing whether to lease employees or to maintain ownership of the employees and use an ASO (Administrative Services Organization) model. As a Family of Companies, there are issues concerning location, insurance, lease vs. ASO and others which require expertise to identify the appropriate level of services for each type of company and each type of employee. Whenever there has been a need for information or research, the staff acts quickly and helps us to resolve issues efficiently and effectively. People Premier offers complete Human Resources services, including Recruiting. Their highly trained staff recruits the best candidates through assessments including behavioral, cognitive and strength- based leadership skills to place employees in positions in which they are set up to succeed. The level of expertise displayed by the staff is above and beyond that of other existing PEO’s. The management of People Premier stays on the cutting edge of industry news and updates and applicable updates are communicated to us timely and consistently. People Premier, Inc. provides more than simply leasing employees or payroll processing, they can be your entire outsourced HR department including assisting with identifying and implementing Corporate Culture.” Elizabeth Barry

Executive Vice President, The Premier Family of Companies

“We have been utilizing People Premier for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier with their services. As a company that operates out of both the US Virgin Islands and Florida we have many challenges when it comes to getting payroll handled and People Premier does it flawlessly! Their professionalism and customer service is second to none.” Mac Slauson

Vice President, Optimal Construction Management

What is the Difference Between PEO and ASO?


PEO relationships take the administrative burden off of the employer and business owner. Through outsourcing the business processes, the time spent preparing payroll can be refocused on generating revenue and operations.

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) commonly referred to as “employee leasing” is a full-service offering. It includes the administration of payroll processing, human resources, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation. With a PEO relationship, employees are grouped together creating cost effective benefit options and management efficiencies enabling employers to focus on running their business.

ASO (Administrative Services Organization)

In an Administrative Service Organization (ASO) model there is no employment relationship between your employees and the ASO. The employer maintains the employee-employer relationship and retains the employer of record designation. We will custom tailor a solution to provide you the services that address your specific needs and offer the most benefit for your organization.


Custom options available to fit your business needs. Whether you are looking for a completely hands-off approach to HR administration, or you just need a little assistance– we have you covered.

Executive Leadership

Dale Schmidt

Dale Schmidt


Mr. Schmidt is a leading senior executive experienced in business leadership, operational, financial, and creative management with more than 35 years of executive and managerial experience in various industries. Areas of expertise include presidential and entrepreneurial leadership, executive management and supervisory responsibility, strategic, operational, and financial planning, market analysis, and product development.

Mr. Schmidt has served as a CEO, CFO, COO, and president of several life and health insurance companies. Prior to this, Mr. Schmidt spent 10 years as a consultant and CPA employed by KPMG Peat Marwick and Deloitte & Touche specializing in insurance, auditing, and consulting.

He earned his bachelor of arts in economics and physics and his bachelor of science in accounting from St. Cloud State University and did graduate work in business at the University of St. Thomas.

Tara Isaac, SHRM-SCP

Tara Isaac, SHRM-SCP

Vice President

Tara Loughlin-Isaac is the Vice President of Human Resources and Employee Leasing at PEOple Premier.

As VP, Tara has enterprise responsibility for the attraction, engagement, development, and experience of PEOple Premier’s most important asset – its people. She champions PEOple Premier’s core values: People, Process, Service and Growth.  PEOple Premier knows people are the driving force of every organization.  By having the right people in the right place, Tara is able to grow the employee and client base, while retaining the very elements that have made the company so successful to date.

Tara brings 20+ years of people leadership experience across multiple industries, geographies, and scale of businesses.  As an HR executive, Tara optimizes talent development, staffing models and operational efficiencies through systems and processes.  She is dedicated to achieving financial results and exceeding organization expectations through performance management and client satisfaction.  Tara holds a bachelor’s degree from Pace University, New York and is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional.

Monique Hudson, MBA, SHRM-SCP

Monique Hudson, MBA, SHRM-SCP

Payroll and Human Resources Supervisor

Monique Hudson is the Payroll and Human Resources Supervisor for PEOple Premier.

Monique is responsible for the accuracy and compliance of our full cycle payroll operations, payroll tax filings, and client Human Resources. With a diverse background in both payroll and HR, Monique is an industry expert, dedicated to promoting the success and growth of PEOple Premier and all its clients. Monique and her team understand our clients’ needs and are devoted to providing high quality customer service, allowing our clients to focus on what is most important, their business and its success.

Monique has over 10 years of payroll and human resources experience in a vast variety of industries spanning from large, global companies to small, family owned businesses. Her expertise includes full cycle payroll processing, payroll tax administration, worker’s compensation, employment law, and benefit administration. Monique holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida, and is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional.

Rita Hoch, MHR

Rita Hoch, MHR

Recruiting Supervisor

Rita Hoch is the Recruiting Supervisor at PEOple Premier.  As Recruiting Supervisor, Rita has responsibility for sourcing, attracting and hiring candidates for a vast array of open positions.  She is a service-oriented professional who enjoys building relationships to help people achieve their goals.  Along with her team of recruiting experts, Rita welcomes the challenge of finding the perfect person for each job.  She uses her breadth of knowledge and experience to provide a collaborative atmosphere to clients and candidates alike.  Rita’s top priority is to always meet her clients’ needs by finding candidates that match their organizational culture with the requirements of the position. Rita has over 15 years of recruiting experience in multiple industries; including recruitment and hiring for numerous Fortune 500 companies.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Phoenix and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Capella University.

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